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Lysander was built in 1974 by Salthouse in 3 skin kauri. She falls under the category of – Mid Pilothouse Bridge decker. She measures approx. 49’ & is powered by a 325hp diesel that pushes her along at 10-12 knots.

As you will observe from the above photos, Lysander is a very well presented & one could easily spend an extended period afloat aboard.

Thanks to Ian McDonald for the trade listing heads up.

Update 27-03-2019 photo below ex Nathan Herbert

Lysander ex NH

7 thoughts on “Lysander

  1. Do you know if Lysander is still available?

    We looked at her about 2 years ago at Half Moon Bay

    Thank you


  2. I think this was my brother Jim Ravenhall’s when it underwent the year long refit at Half Moon Bay. She is a beauty


  3. She’s on autobase but not trademe I think. Last time on trademe was around 300k. Wakanui was around 280 5 or so years ago.


  4. Lysander is one of my dream boats. She was built for the Horners and is a sister to Wakanui. Mum has photos of her from new when she had an open bridge and a nice classic look.

    Alan I think I emailed you pics of what I thought was her being built, once?


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