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The trademe listing for this 30 ft displacement launch states that is was designed / built by Woollacott & that she has a 35hp Isuzu diesel that pushes her along at 8 knots. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up.

As you’ll see from the photos there is a well finished & equipped woody hiding under a lot add-ons. The listing lists an ‘extended duckboard’ as one of the launches features – at first glance I thought it was a heli-pad …………..

Any woodys able to tell us more about the provenance of Rosene?

UPDATE 14-08-2020 – Thanks to trademe we can see that Rosene has had some TLC

6 thoughts on “Rosene

  1. This was my Grandfather’s boat – he built it in his Devonport backyard from a Kauri he felled in Rivershead. I have some neat photos of it somewhere. It was also the boat that assisted the sinking Radio Hauraki ‘Tiri’ vessel at the Barrier. As mentioned, Woollacot (a family friend apparently) designed it, and it was, we think, the only motor boat they had designed at the time, and it was likely circa 1950 or 51, as the original name ‘Rossina’ was a hybrid of his son’s names (my uncles, ‘Ross’ and ‘Ian,’) and my mother wasn’t yet born (1952). It might’ve had one other similar name, but I’m not sure. I had seen it at Milford about 20 years ago, and had been trying to track it down sporadically over the recent years. Would love to know what it sold for. Many thanks for this website.


  2. Under that jungle gym and added structure is a really sweet boat I reckon. A simple restoration for someone that with the right stripe/varnish/colour scheme could be transformed.


  3. The TradeMe listing doesn’t say that ROSENE was designed and built by Woollacott, just that the “Model” is “Woolacott” with one “l”. I suppose it’s possible that Bert or John designed her but it’s very unlikely that either built her. I wonder if she’s had a name change too? Chris Leech will know if she has genuine Woollacott ancestry.


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