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The trademe listing for this 30 ft displacement launch states that is was designed / built by Woollacott & that she has a 35hp Isuzu diesel that pushes her along at 8 knots. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up.

As you’ll see from the photos there is a well finished & equipped woody hiding under a lot add-ons. The listing lists an ‘extended duckboard’ as one of the launches features – at first glance I thought it was a heli-pad …………..

Any woodys able to tell us more about the provenance of Rosene?

UPDATE 14-08-2020 – Thanks to trademe we can see that Rosene has had some TLC

4 thoughts on “Rosene

  1. Under that jungle gym and added structure is a really sweet boat I reckon. A simple restoration for someone that with the right stripe/varnish/colour scheme could be transformed.


  2. The TradeMe listing doesn’t say that ROSENE was designed and built by Woollacott, just that the “Model” is “Woolacott” with one “l”. I suppose it’s possible that Bert or John designed her but it’s very unlikely that either built her. I wonder if she’s had a name change too? Chris Leech will know if she has genuine Woollacott ancestry.


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