Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #6 – Matanui 1966- Revisited

So far there have been over 2,000 classic wooden boat stories featured on waitematawoodys & the viewing numbers (3,300,000) have grown from a dozen people to over 80,000. I have had some loyalists from day one but the big numbers have happened in the last 2 years – so not everyone will have been exposed to all the stories. Over the Christmas / NY period I have decided to take a peek back in time & feature some of the gems from the early days. Enjoy.

Have a great holiday & remember to take the camera / phone with you & snap a photo of any woodys you see. Email them to waitematawoodys@gmail.com


Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #6 – Matanui 1966

waitematawoodys would again like to thank Robert Brooke for making the remarkable cruise drawings done by his father, Jack Brooke, available to ww followers. Jack produced a hand drawing on each cruise. Today’s post is the sixth of several – enjoy.

The above drawing records the travels of Matanui during a ‘boys’ weekend fishing trip in 1966 to the Needles. They departed Friday morning & returned early Sunday morning. Check out their course on the chart & the times recorded – given the distance & time, I’m surprised they caught any fish. The haul was 23 hapukau, a lot of snapper, a few sharks & a cod or two. From the illustration of ‘El Capitano’, Jack can’t have had much luck with the fishing rod 🙂

The crew was made up of Jack Brooke, Joe Kissin, John Ellis, Ralph Scott & Gordon Bliss. Most of this crew did the same trip 11 years earlier (1955) – type Jack Brooke in the ww search box to view the previous cruise drawings.

2 thoughts on “Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #6 – Matanui 1966- Revisited

  1. Another anecdote about Matanui.We bought in 1975 off Ken Downey,bringing her home to Thames sh lost oil pressure a way off Waiheke Is,as there was no outboard my husband had to row approx 3ks A long cross country hike to two different garages to buy enough oil carry it back to dinghy and get back to boat.8 gals of oil later we limped into Thames with exhausted captain. Luckily a blown oil seal had caused problem.We took her up to Whangarei so Alan Smith boatbuilder could glass all her topsides only had canvas that leaked badly.With our 4sons we loved our time with Matanui.In 1977 we bought lifestyle block in Kauaeranga valley and so Mat moved to her new home in Clevedon River.


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