White Star – Part 1

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.05.36 am

White Star – Part 1

The above bridgedecker was launched in 1968 & built / designed by Ken Turner. Her measurements are 45.9’ x 12’11” beam & a draft of 4.92′.

In a previous life she was in survey & is built accordingly i.e. 1 1/4” kauri. Power comes from a 190hp GM671 diesel that pushes her along at 8>10 knots. She has massive fuel capacity – 2,400L, so is up for some serious cruising.

Her 4sale listing is very light on details so can we put a name to her & hopefully some insight into her history.

Another Ian McDonald trademe nudge




6 thoughts on “White Star – Part 1

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  2. I will forward some pics to AH to post…….

    As a kid I saw White Star moored in Torehina Bay next to our bach at Waitete Bay – 20mins north of Coromandel town. I am pretty sure White Star was built using a single kauri log milled from the farm of the owner in Colville. Back in the 70s when we had a 12ft tin starcraft she was a pretty impressive ship in comparison! I always wondered where she ended up so was delighted to find her moored in Coromandel Harbour not far from the ferry wharf. Nostalgia makes me covet her…..finances not so much!!


  3. 1.5m = 4.92 feet
    1.25″ = 1 1/4 inches

    you havent corrected anything?? maybe I missed something
    (you did, I corrected the incorrect spec’s & also converted them 😉 AH)


  4. Hi Alan, name not deleted, it is on the life rings. She is White Star, and had a conversation with Ken this morning about her.Now that I am up, two corrections, she is 1.25 inches dressed Kauri, and the draft is 1.5 meters. Lovely ship. Regards Allan


  5. Any details or links from the for sale listing? It looks like White Star – if it is I have some more info and old photos…..


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