Irish Woodys





Good friends & supporters of Yachting NZ via their winery ‘ Lawson Dry Hills’ – Tim & Pauline Evill have been on an extended promotional tour of Europe & Tim being a passionate woody has been sending me a selection of woodys spotted on tour.

The photos above are from Dublin & Galway, Ireland, Dublin being one of my favourite world cities & a must do if you are in the UK, so many people do Europe but never hop a plane across the sea to the Emerald Isles.

The first photo shows a very smart motorboat that was for sale on the Dublin canal. Amazed Tim didn’t buy it, he has a habit of collecting stuff 🙂
The next photos show some beautifully restored Galway hookers in Galway port. Still used for fishing.

1 thought on “Irish Woodys

  1. 1. Love that “for sale” launch. Says English to me, but (in the day) could have been built anywhere in Britain – or Ireland.
    2. The hookers are wonderful little craft, but both the restored ones and the recent new builds are for tourist and historical use, I don’t think any of them fish commercially.
    3. Two of the last 3 pics are of currachs, another very interesting type evolved for open water and surf landings. Basically surf boats built like kayaks, skin on frame. Originally (like the kayak) “skin” meant exactly that, but these days, as in the photos, canvas.
    Fascinating! More?!


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