Ugliest Clinker & A Spot of Clinker Envy



Ugliest Clinker & A Spot of Clinker Envy

My recent photos of clinkers prompted Don MacLeod to send in the two photos above – the top one in Don’s eyes wins ‘most ugly clinker’ hands down , the planking is a fright. I know Jason P would nominate another one, but we all need to play nicely Jas 😉

Don was not sure when the picture was taken, but believes it is on one of the rivers at Lake Taupo. Possible choices are the Tauranga Taupo, the lower Tongario or the Waihora in Western Bays.

Don’s second clinker photo shows a clinker powered by a Seagull south of Mana Island, going fishing in Cook Strait. Those are the radio masts at Titahi Bay behind.

This photo was taken early 1960’s Don believes, and it is a smart looking clinker getting along at a great clip.

Now Clinker Envy – I was dropping my clinker, Peg, off at the Classic Yacht & Launch Exhibition on Thursday night & spotted the beauty below, size & design wise, perfect for my launch Raindance – I wonder if the owner would notice if I swapped 🙂

Please try & make the effort & get down there this Saturday & Sunday – entry is free. Details below.




Clinker Event Ad

A wee tease of what is on show 🙂



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