Mystery Launch 13-07-2017



Today’s ww post shows an unknown launch anchored in the Warkworth River, date unknown also. Given the location I suspect it could be a Tudor Collins photo. Ken Ricketts who emailed me the photo thought it could possibly be a lost sheep from the Allan Coggan photo collection.
Anyone able to ID her & supply more details?

2 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 13-07-2017

  1. This is an interesting design with the tram top section running level with the bridge top, The only other boat I have seen with this design is my own boat Sequoia. Sequoia was designed by Lewis McLoud in 1938. This boat looks later with the flared bow and sloping stem but this may be a starting point for the designer ? This arrangement does give good interior head space without the overly high bridge cabin.


  2. It’s been a mystery boat before with lots of background but no name or specific designer except the builder and his history.


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