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The above 45′ Gladden pilot house bridge-decker was built in 1972. Powered by twin Ford 180hp diesels that get her along at 10>14 knots. Thats about all I know, photos ex trademe.

Can anyone put a name to her & some history? (see comments section – lots of info there )

Sorry about the poor image used as the main photo but that was all there was available.

Photos below ex Brian Worthington & Ken Ricketts


22 thoughts on “Arawa

  1. I remember lengthy you by 52 inches when I was all most out off my time at Johns .I think we also added on the keel . I think they where getting bad water between props.She is three skin kauri on hardwood ribs .


  2. This beautiful launch was build by John Gladden and my father Patrick Carrigan. She was named after my mother and called “Lady Lila”. She used to have beautiful teak decks but note they were changed later. My dad the perfectionist always looked and thought her length was not right for the height so an extra 3 feet or more was added on. We had so many people admire her as she was stunning. We sold at end of 1980 beginning of 1981. The original owners are now in their 90s. I still miss her. Built 1970s


  3. The next episode in the life of the magnificent Arawa. As I write, she is on a truck to Mana, and then to Havelock where she will grace the Sounds with proud new owners. Sorry to lose her from Auckland again, but she is in the right hands again.Very happy cruising Alex and Wendy.


  4. Hi Barb. As I understand it, and on very experienced authority, bridgedecker refers to the floor levels, not to the external structure. I.E.down from the cockpit thru the after cabin area, then up over the bridgedeck, then down to forward cabins. Obviously external structure will follow this in most and many Bridgedeckers had flybridge areas added on top of the after cabin roof but they are still a bridgedecker in design. Hope I am right!! Cheers


  5. Sorry, I still can’t come to grips this boat is a titled a bridgedecker……a pilothouse, yes. Either way, we all agree that she is a very nicely proportioned vessel.


  6. Definitely one of the best I have had the pleasure of being involved with and she has stunning lines courtesy of John Gladden.
    During Mark Sheffield’s ownership, she featured in Epiglass’s full page magazine ad, and I have admired her ever since. Tony Baker owned her after Mark for many years, and I sold her from Tony when he shifted to Australia, to Paul Hastings in Wellington,Nov 2002. One of Paul’s crew taking her out to start a race fleet omitted to open the main sea-cocks, resulting in the complete re-builds. I again sold her to the current owner in Nov 2006, and she was trucked back up here to grace our harbour again.
    To explain the titles, she is absolutely a bridgedecker, but was built with no lower helm, and the helm upstairs with internal access, hence was probably one of the first mid-pilothouse vessels, pre-dating many of the Woolley’s, Kennedy’s and Bill Upfold’s Elites of today. All of the above are still Bridgedeckers at heart, with engines under the forward saloon raised floor area.
    Someone will again get an absolute cracker here, she is fabulous!!
    Cheers Allan


  7. Just a note, the picture of Wakanui is Wakanui. Only way to have it could be from the Wakanui post, or from my photo album…


  8. Hard call to make, Cameron, but a good start! J G built a lot of damn fine good looking boats and she is one of the best: Don’t think he did an ugly one although subsequent owners can fugly them up as in this case. Stihl, a few minutes with the skilly will rectify that. I spoke to his wife long ago and she said she was always at him (aka nagging) to keep a record of the boats he built. Alas, he never did.
    I’d have called her a bridge decker with a flying bridge, Barb. Some did have a steering station down below. Pilot house was a sort of Yank term wasn’t it?


  9. John Gladden built her by 3ft to as LADY LILA for Sheffield in 1963; later lengthened by 3ft to 42ft and owned by Tony Baker. Quite an impressive beast in the flesh.


  10. Best looking boat that popped out of Gladdens shed. In my humbled opinion probly the nicest looking pilothouse or bridge deck wotever you wish to describe her that’s chuffing around hauraki gulf.
    (Just enuf “white varnish” on her too😊😊)


  11. I believe her name is Arawa.
    She is rather overpowered with those turbo Fords
    Bit exccy $$$ wise


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