Home Wanted – Seacraft Run-about



Home Needed – Seacraft Run-about

While out & about Mori Flapan came across the interesting small clinker runabout above, in a café at Rawene in Northland.

It is 12.4′ long and has a steering wheel marked ‘Seacraft Ltd, Auckland’. The history of the Sea Craft Ltd company can be found at http://www.mmsc.co.nz/history Makes for some interesting reading, particularly Yeoman Lionel Sands’ story, and the introduction of fibreglass.

The boat originally was an inboard, but the engine has been removed and transom cut to mount an outboard. However, a rudder with the boat looks like it might have been original.

The café owner told Mori that she is looking to dispose of the boat in the near future. She has had plenty of offers from locals to take the boat and use it as a garden ornament filled with soil and plants, but she hopes that the boat might have a better fate.

If there is anyone interested in the boat, contact Mori at mflapan@gmail.com & he will pass details on to the cafe.

3 thoughts on “Home Wanted – Seacraft Run-about

  1. Correct, I check her out whenever I am up that way sorting engines for the ferry, long time no sea.
    Of course Johnny Wrays Waihape is just a little further along that shore


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