3/4’s a Woody – Wild Horses





Taupo woody’s Cathy & Shawn Vennell own a rather special zoom zoom woody, Judy H – a 19’6″ Chris Craft replica speed boat, which I have had the pleasure of skimming over the top of Lake Rotoiti in. For an 8 knot woody, doing 75kph+ is like space travel 🙂 You can check out Judy H here    https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/02/10/the-two-extremes-of-classic-boating/

Last weekend the Vennell’s turned up at the Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat weekend with a floating bach – a Mason Clipper named Wild Horses. Now this addition to the Vennell fleet was not a total surprize to me as we had chatted on & off last winter about the suitability of a MC for Shawn & the family.

Wild Horses has a plastic (f/glass) bum but there is enough wood else where to get the ww tick. Zoom zoom comes from a very grunty V8 (Shawn will chip in soon with details)
Already Wild Horses has made a lot of Vennell love & looks stunning – can not wait till next year to see what else they will (tastefully) do to her 🙂

2 thoughts on “3/4’s a Woody – Wild Horses

  1. Hi message for Shawn, I’m embarking on an adventure – Clipper ownership and wondered if your could have some time to talk to me please, want to make sure she is right for me before starting the restoration. Many thanks Gavin gjbethwaite@gmail.com 021501823


  2. Hey thanks for the coverage Alan, she has a 5.7 Magnum Mercruiser injected V8 installed in the late 90s the boat was unnamed when we bought her but I gather was called Sea-Nipper in earlier times. She had a couple of loving owners until one that trashed her, lucky for this MC she was picked up by Nick de May a boat builder /designer that put in the hard yards of her restoration, the Vennells just doing the finishing touches including anti-foul /upholstery (Central Trim Taupo who totally nailed it), trailer rebuild etc. Its a great format as a family boat, thanks for advice from John in New Plymouth and yourself Alan for kicking all the ideas around pre-purchase, cheers!


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