Lake Boat Truckers


El Alamein



Lake Boat Truckers

Rotorua boat builder Alan Craig sent me the above selection of photos that he ‘uplifted’ from a book owned by Tony Mitchell, its called – Urewera Trucks and Truckers, by Gavin M. Abbot. The photos showcase some of the boats that the truckers used to cart around the lakes.

Now ID’ing the first one is easy, El Alamein, because its got a name plate on her bow, how many of the others can we ID? Remember you can enlarge photos by clicking on them 😉

13 thoughts on “Lake Boat Truckers

  1. I would have thought that it could have been 1949 or 1950. I remember her being at Taupo from about 1950, and quite possibly this photo of her is on the truck that brought her over from Rotorua. Michael Drake


  2. Yes, of course, OKATAINA. She also did some time (quite a long time) at Taupo. EL ALAMEIN is still at Taupo, now named RANUI, having been at Taupo for more than 60 years. I have no knowledge of RUBY, and agree that PIHANGA was very similar but not quite the same in the cabin area.


  3. I think it’s RUBY built for the Goodson brothers of Taupo around 1906 and used for fishing parties on the lake.


  4. Really interesting images. The unresolved image appears to be a “settler’s launch” outside Goodson’s premises in Rotorua either arriving in Rotorua or on its way to another lake nearby. The name on the bow is almost readable but isn’t PIHANGA which would have made some sense. Any ideas Paul?


  5. The second boat is the Col Wild LAMORNA. The last boat is KATOA. Both have done their time at Taupo. Very interesting photos.


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