Lady Pat





Built by the Lane Motor Boat Co. – Lady Pat measures 30’9”  x 9’ x 2’9”. Older photos & more details can be viewed here:

Her owner Philip Simpson has just finished giving her some TLC at the Mana Marina, Philip had the help  of boat builder Maurice Dickie with the specialist.
Still to be added is the spray dodger.

09-12-2018 Input from – past owner Peter King (Motueka)

“These few words just to add my pennyworth to your historical records of dear old Lady Pat.  I”m 84 now and  miss her terribly still. Her photo along with mine will be on my funeral program.

I Peter King purchased Lady Pat from Tim Reilly in 9/95 and spent many very happy years cruising, fishing and overnight on moorings in Queen Charlott but  mainly  in Pelorous until the boat was sold in 7/2008 because I had lost my crew and also could not afford the overall cost any longer.    I never recorded those 13 years in a log.  However I do have a v ery interesting one written by a man called A.J. Bradshaw who purchased Lady Pat in Whangarei in November 1970 and sailed her down to  Tuna Bay with Abbie King-Turner as crew.  The boat  was later sold when Bradshaw died  in January 1980 .. In 2000  I had a meeting at sea with a man in a small boat who recognised Lady Pat and he turned out to be Bradshaw”s son.  After some later correspondence between us the son sent me his late fathers remaining. boat records but including  only 3/4 photos

Best of luck putting all the historical pieces  together  I would dearly like to see the end result some day…. Kind regards Peter King”

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