Mystery Launch 21-09-2016



As they say today is hump day, middle of the week, all down hill from here to the weekend. Finders crossed its a fine one, some boat TLC is on the agenda. And to cap off the weekend, on Sunday evening we have the screening of the movie – ‘Birds of a Feather’. Produced & directed by Nina Wells, it’s based on the annual Great Waikato Seagull outboard race on the Waikato River. ww has been plugging the screening at The Vic Theatre in Devonport, for the last few weeks & its a sell out – not the biggest theatre in NZ, but still amazing to sell out. If there is a re-run – you will hear about it here.

The first woody to correctly ID the above boat – name, builder, year – will win the last two tickets to the movie screening. All entries via the comments section on ww. I will also hold off posting this story live on ww until 7.00am (sorry overseas readers) so more people get a chance to enter.

Enjoy 🙂


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