Waihora has featured twice before on ww, once when I spotted her at anchor in Oneroa (Oct 2014) & when Jason Prew saw her moored up the Tamaiki River (2015), photos below.

Thanks to Murray Morrissey & Angela Te Wiata we now have a wonderful insight into her past, Murray supplied the details & Angela the photos from her late mother, Pamela Gilbert (nee Nicks) collection.

Firstly Murray’s background – Waihora was built by Brin Wilson and owned by the Nicks family of the Nicks Timber Company of Takapuna.  They had a big yard in Huron Street.  The Nicks family was well known identities in Takapuna.
Logan Nicks & wife retired to their beach house in Bland Bay – Whangaruru – Northland in the late 1960`s or thereabouts. Son, ‘Rud’ continued to run Waihora and the timber business.

Interesting to see Borrie Beachman & his launch ‘Endeavour’ in several of the photos, Borrie is the late uncle of CYA woody Paul Beachman. Borrie Beachman sold Endeavour & at one stage she was owned by Jack Matich & used for commercial fishing on the Kaipara Harbour. She was configured back then as a motor-sailer.  Endeavour is now back in the Beachman family ownership & looked after by Paul & son Brin.

07-02-2021 UPDATE – ex Angus Rogers – photographed Feb 2021. She was sold approx. 2 years ago and her new owners have undertaken a lot of work on her.

7 thoughts on “Waihora

  1. Hi,

    I am Rud Nicks’ eldest daughter, Tanya. These are wonderful photos and bring back so many memories. I ‘grew up’ on Waihora, she was our second home. As a family of 5, we were on her nearly every weekend and over all the holidays, spending the ~6 weeks Christmas break travelling and fishing around the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier and Coromandel. She was for sale again 1 1/2 years ago, I tried to buy her back but she was already under contract. I’ll try to find some of our photos to add to this collection.

    Thanks again,


  2. Rowan, would love to see the photos. 😊 Thank you Paul and Jonathan for such great memories, of a wonderful bygone era


  3. I have the original photos of Waihora being built. I can scan and send if there is any interest.
    The Pohutukawa knees were cut from trees in the gulf with similar shaped bends required.


  4. Great to see the Nicks dynasty recorded here as first with Logan and Joyce, then with Ruddy and Pamela and their families. They made a great contribution to Takapuna fishing and boating from the 30’s. Waihora is a magnificent example of the best of the 50’s and these photos evoke that era and the close connection with Brin Wilson and Borrie Beachman. Being in the timber industry the family were one of the North Shore’s vital businesses personified by their launch being built of totara. Logan and Joyce were superb fishers and two kingfish l saw caught off Rangitoto Beacon weighed 81 & 83 lbs and the the only more impressive sight l remember was their ruined hands!


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