Sometimes I get sent a photo/s & the jaw drops – yesterday was one of those days. The above photos show the 1920 MT Lane built Luana in the Bay of Islands at Easter. Luana is a very special member of our classic fleet & in my eyes is in the top 3. Now there’s an idea – a survey for the classic launch’s that have the wow factor, boats that when you cruise into a bay & see them, you cruise by to get a second look. Post your top 3 in the ww comments section.

For the record – my top 3 (no order) Lady Margaret (Dick Lang) , Luana & Tasman.

Luana has featured a lot on ww – great photos here but if you enter Luana in the ww search box you can view more.
Love the ships cat in the top photo, I think there is normally two on-board 🙂

11 thoughts on “Luana

  1. Remember her so well, when she was moored off Devonport in the 1940/50s era, for what seemed to me, as a boy, for many years & hasn’t changed at all hardly — KEN R


  2. I had the old turn of the century ‘Chadburn’ twin engine telegraph fitted. We pulled apart a set of Morse controls and put gearshift on the port side lever and throttle on starboard. And it’s bells still ring.


  3. Hard to have favourites when there are no era limitations but my pick anyway is as follows
    Lady Gay
    And for a later era I would go
    Lady Crossley

    BUT you have to have varnished coamings to get a look in.


  4. I am curious about that engine room telegraph near the ship’s wheel. In larger older commercial ships, the telegraph was used to send instructions to the ship’s engineer officers down in the engine room concerning the required engine speed and direction. Surely Luana did not have an engineer “down below” following instructions? So exactly how was it used?
    What a beautiful old girl, but I’m glad I did not have to do the polishing and varnishing!


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