I will start by quoting an anonymous lover of classic wooden boats who said to me once when the subject of Luana came up –  “I think she is my favourite of all the Classics. Believe it or not she is prettier than Lady Margaret, Lady Gay, Wirihana etc. She really is the ultimate in ‘cool’. Its interesting how different boats do it for different people but Luana is one of the rare beauties that is perfect from all angles”. I have been aboard & have to agree.

She was built by MT Lane in 1920 in Mechanics Bay & her specs are LOA 47ft, Beam 11ft.6in, Draft 39ins. She has a provenance as long as your arm.
I’m sure her owner will chip in with some tales from her past. One that I do know is that she still holds the record for landing a marlin, shooting a deer & catching a trout – 3hrs 25 minutes
I think I’ll let the photos tell the story.

6 thoughts on “Luana

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  2. wow theres lots of storys here to be told Rick shes looking very nice Rick i would love to relive her one day when in auck meny lovely cruising in hervery sea kindly. john,coasties 101@hotmail. com


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  4. If I remember it, they took a float plane from Mayor Island after landing to Lake Rotorua to catch the trout, then a helicopter to the hills to shoot the deer.


  5. You’re quite right, Ken. After landing a marlin off Mayor Island they would race back to Tauranga aiming for the boat ramp. Lifting off, If you were a crack shot you should be able to pick up a deer firing out of the bridge window before landing in Lake Rotorua. After all that catching a trout was a mere formality. Anyway that’s how I understand it, Ken, unless I’m very much mistaken.


  6. I wonder how they caught the trout – I didn’t realise they had taken her to the lakes in days gone by which I presume they must have done, to have caught a trout


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