Mystery Boat 4sale – Help needed

IMG_4551 - Unknown - Peach hull, grey deck, white cabin

Help Needed – Mystery Boat 4sale
photo ex Alice Morrison

Alice spotted the boat in the above photo moored in Okura Bay, Totara North, Whangaroa Harbour, Northland. She fell in love with the boat and dream of what it could be. It has 4sale + a price painted on the hull, but no owner contact details 😦
A gent on a neighbouring mooring gave Alice as much information as he knew. That it was owned by Gary from Taipa and that it has a kauri hull made in the sixties.

It has some form of registeration number on the bow – either 4B-623 or HB-623?

Now the big question –  do any of the woodys  know who this Gary from Taipa is? & any more information on the history of the boat.

Alice has been looking for a small classic wooden launch, to restore and potential make her home.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Boat 4sale – Help needed

  1. I have had several looks at this hull but also no luck finding Gary of Taipa – I understand he is fisherman.


  2. This was always and until pretty recently moored over the harbour at Whangaroa. It was white had a mast and a dodger and badly raised topsides aft as per photo. Never bothered getting close enough to look though. The dodger collapsed eventually.


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