Lorna – Sailing Sunday

LORNA – Sailing Sunday
photo ex Brian Peet, details by Harold Kidd

Brian sent Harold the wonderful photo above of Tom Townson’s yacht Lorna which Tom owned in 1929/30. Brian was seeking confirmation on the location of the photo. Brian commented that he  assumed the photo was probably taken in the mid reaches of Auckland Harbour – probably around where Westhaven is now located.
Harold commented that the big building in the background has to be the Farmers Trading Co. building, later remodelled, but with the right number of windows.
The yacht has to be in the vicinity of Beaumont Street but that he could not figure out the orientation and the position of that reef which, logically, should be the Westhaven Breakwater at a high tide. What was not helping things was that he could not see the Destructor on Fanshawe Street nor the Gasworks and could not figure out which was Beaumont Street which logically should be directly ahead of Lorna.

Lorna was built by Dale Spencer as Alarm in December 1920 for himself. Sadly Dale Spencer drowned with his 8 year old son when the 26ft mullet boat Celox went to the bottom between Motuihe and Waiheke in March 1921, only a few weeks later. The probable  main cause of the sinking was that she was racing under kite which had to be sheeted to weather in those days, a recipe for disaster in a big mullet boat. History on Celox & the sinking here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/02/01/celox-sos/

Further evidence that launches are the new hot item in the classic boating world – the British Classic Yacht Club has voted to allow motorboats at its next annual regatta – Panerai British Classic Week at Cowes, in July 2016


8 thoughts on “Lorna – Sailing Sunday

  1. Yes, I’d be very happy to give you this and a number of other scanned images I have of Lorna. Give me a call on 09 533 5062. Regards, Brian Peet.


  2. Apologies. I crossed tacks and was thinking of SYLVIA. B Hemphill of Tauranga had LORNA in Tauranga in 1953 as O3, presumably with a deadwood keel replacing her centreboard?


  3. The 20ft mullet boat LORNA has been in Tauranga since 1953 and we have been restoring on and off it since 1998. Great photo of Lorna – is it possible to get a copy?


  4. I think we could triangulate it fairly closely: They are on course for St Patricks Cathedral (there you go, Murray -A preachin’ muh friends, you’re ’bout to receive……) and that is the Farmers building on the stb bow.


  5. Barry and Murray are undoubtedly right. That artificial reef ahead of LORNA was there for some years and was known as the Western Breakwater. It’s now buried under the western edge of Hamer Street.
    The 20ft mullet boat LORNA is now back in Auckland after many years on the west coast in the Raglan/Kawhia area.


  6. Yes or slightly further east, judging by Mt Eden, what is the prominent building behind the forestay? And the church spire?


  7. I think that the Lorna is in the St Marys Bay area and that the reef is some sort of retaining wall for yet to be reclaimed Hamer Street. The vessel on the extreme left is the AHB suction dredge. All the land behind the retaining wall appears to be sloping down towards the water, perhaps indicating that this area is still in the process of being reclaimed. Partly hidden behind the yacht’s jib is Sandford’s building in Jellicoe Street with the wharf sheds directly below the Farmers, now re invented as the restaurants that are part of the Wynyard Quarter scene. The Lorna therefore would be in the vicinity of Vos’s yard/ Silo park.


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