photos & details ex Darrin Kennedy

Flyer is a 1966 Shipbuilders 26′ launch. Darrin has owned her for approx. 2 years. Previously she was based in Tauranga, owned by Tommy Verran. Rumour has it Verran used to take her  out to White Island in some pretty challenging seas so she must be a good sea boat. Powered by 110 h.p. Ford with a dry stack. At 26′ with a 110 h.p. motor she must have a good turn of speed. Flyer is currently hauled out undergoing a makeover to bring her back to as launched condition. Can anyone provide more details on Flyer & her past?

3 thoughts on “Flyer

  1. I have a boat I am restoring of very similar or even exactly the same lines it original name was Rio Manu then later renamed windless days. Who designed and built
    Flyer and do you know if there was anymore built by the same boat builders. If anybody knows the history of Flyer or Mine I am very keen to hear please. Flyer looks great I hope to have the same result when I’m finished.


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