Port Ligar

photos & details ex Peter Mence

Todays post is a wee bit of a hybrid – her previous owner, Paul Hastings, purchased a 1940 hull of approx. 22′ length & commissioned Bruce Askew, the well know Wellington base yacht & launch designer,  to design a new topsides. The work was undertaken by Evans Bay Boatbuilders in Wellington. The combination of Askew’s eye & the craft of the builders have produced a very salty craft.

She is powered by a Isuzu diesel which pushes her along at a comfortable 10 knots. The interior features blue squabs  set of with red piping. Launch day was marked in style with the ‘Duke of Wellington’ doing the honours 🙂

Interested to know more about her & the where-abouts of Port Ligar now, she has the makings of a perfect lake boat & I get the feeling that one day she will join the fleet on Lake Rotoiti.

15 thoughts on “Port Ligar

  1. Port Ligar was purchased as an uncompleted hull located in a garage in the Hutt and the “topsides” were commissioned by Paul. She was named after the best fishing and party spot in the Sounds where the local motelier happily exchanged freezer space for rum. She now resides in Lake Wanaka.


  2. Interesting. Port Ligar is the bay just inside the entrance to Pelorus Sound (North side) and was (still is?) farmed by the Shands. Wonder what, if any connection there is?

    Nice wee bucket, though!

    Topsides; In big ships, i.e. the merchant navy and the “Grey Funnel Line”, topsides means the superstructure etc above the main deck. In small craft (of WW size) topsides means the side of the hull between the gunwhale and the waterline. Dunno why the difference, but it’s been that way since time immemorial. Except in brokerese, of course, which is why you sometimes see them advertise a boat as having a “ferro (Sorry!) hull and wooden topsides” and think “WTF?!”


  3. A pleasant day shaping up some Luder style handrails for Laughing Lady, followed by a very pleasant offer of canapés and a glass of Harold’s ‘finest ‘ to wash the red dust down. Followed by an exquisite stake dinner aboard Raindance prepared by non other than captain and chief Al, (he makes a ‘real mean’ tomato sauce also and I didn’t imagine that) to the accompaniment of some very clever musicians and very slim Judy Garland- ‘On the Atchison Topeka and the Santa Fe’. Followed by a smoke(?) whilst listening with Robyn to ‘Where the Southern Crosses the yellow dog’ Whom actually sounds a lot like Dylan, Dylan who? said Russell, they all sounded like they had had a smoke or two too.
    All in all a good day wrecking your blog Alan. Ta.


  4. The windowed cabin is well presented but I’m paused to think on other variations – perhaps she could have had a trawler look about her with small wheelhouse forward, mizzen mast immediately aft of that and a simple conopy. 🙂


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