photo & details from owners Lorraine & Colin Davis

Mystic was built by Swanson’s in Picton & launched in 1965. Currently moored in Waikawa Bay, Marlborough for the past 3 years.
Her hull is double diagonal kahikatea glassed over to the chines, decks and cabin tops  are all glassed.
She is powered by a Toyota HD turbo diesel 140hp, giving her 7.5 knots at 2000 revs, burning 10 litres an hour  .
Recent improvements have included cutting in a stern door, an unusual feature from new is her a tandem roof which slides back and  opens up for use on sunny days.

Anyone able to throw some light on her past?

10 thoughts on “Mystic

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  2. Hi Alan,

    I will email the photos through to you now. Dad unfortunately passed away 2 weeks ago. He would have loved to give you all the details. We will be returning home (currently in Australia) to scatter his ashes at mana and down the sounds where he wanted to be 🙂


  3. Mystic was originally my dads (Graham Wilkinson)..he purchased the hull and finished the rest of her in the backyard himself. (We even have pics of her in the backyard).
    He then went on to do the same with Shalimar. Dad was also the pilot of 25 + cook strait marathon swims and search and rescue for the police.
    He often talked about mystic and we (my dad, mum, four brothers and I) had amazing holidays down the sounds every year (first on mystic – pre my time) and then on Shalimar.


  4. Mystic is owned by Colin and Lorraine Davis of Blenheim,who I am sure can fill in some gaps. Colin bought her in Lyttleton, if I recall correctly, a few years back. Colin’s son Carl, who is an Auckland-based teacher and also a quaified boatbuilder, has done some maintenance jobs and also some work around the transom areas during his various school holiday trips south. Despite being on a mooring Mystic gets plenty of use.


  5. Actually I see Colin has provided details already. Hi Colin! I meant to add – she is also a bit short of headroom – for Mannings but not for Davis’s!


  6. There may be a post coming up, telling about 2 NOR WESTS, with no suffixes at all, for either of them, built by the same boat building company, under the same ownership, only 4 or 5 years apart for 2 different owners, — unbelievable isn’t it. — There is also another going back to 1904, on the Kaipara, but they could be excused for not knowing about that one. — KEN R


  7. She looks lovely – A little like a hard chine version of the McGeady ARCTURAS or perhaps a hard chine version of BALLERINA almost. Interesting the Toyota Diesel, very uncommon in a boat, in my experience– KEN RICKETTS


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