Easter Cruise

Easter Cruise
We have just been gifted with one of the best Easter weekends in a long time & even the water temp was good.
We headed out on Raindance on Friday morning & headed for Rakino Island / northern end of Motutapu Island.
Spotted a few classics at anchor in Waikalabubu Bay

Compass Rose


While having a few sundowners on the 1946 Lidgard launch Monterey owned by Sue & Mark Edmonds, this sail & oar boat slipped past, dropped anchor & then up popped a wee boom tent. Come morning they were away to their next destination – seems wooden boats & young love go well together 😉

Snapped a few photos  – dusk at Waikalabubu Bay

Looking down at Woody Bay on Rakino Island

If I won Lotto, this would be mine – one of the best views of the outer gulf you will find.

An Oops
Now deep down I’m an honest bloke, so best I own up before someone drops me in (there are eyes everywhere).

On Saturday morning I decided to go for a nosey around Rakino Island, I was looking for Governor Grays first gulf residence, in Home Bay. I understand that its a smaller version of Mansion House, Kawau Island – his 2nd home. Rumour has it that Rakino was too close to Auckland for his ‘antics’ ???
Anyway back to me……….. I now have some new rules :
1. I’ll stop being nosey & stop gunk-holing in small bays
2. I’ll now always wear my glasses when reading charts
3. I’ll never trust the GPS 100%
4. I will trust Navionics on my iphone
5. I’ll remember that the depth sounder is only telling you what you have just passed over, not whats ahead.
6. I’ll always be nice to the owners of large alloy runabouts with big outboards

Yeap – I ran aground – big time e.g. bow out of the water. Story goes like this. Charts & GPS tells me there is a rock in the middle of Home Bay, yes I can see it. Now supposedly you can circle around it………… Well not these days………… Luckily only doing 3>3.5 knts but enough to drive Raindance up onto a bank/ramp that was a mix of sand, mud & loose rock + there was a falling tide……….. And no amount of shoving or reverse thrust would budge her . No cell coverage to call Monterey in the next bay………. Doing the – do I – do I not call Coast Guard (that would have been embarrassing) & then a kind, wonderful local bach owner appears on a kayak & he has a boat anchored near by……. 5 minutes later we pull her off. Went around to Woody Bay & slipped over the side – other than a 1/4 inch deep, foot long, scrape on the keel – all is good, so the only real damage is a severely bruised ego  🙂
Cant believe I didn’t take a photo but the truth is I was bricking myself 😦
Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.14.41 PM

Google Earth doesn’t lie 😉

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.16.15 PM

8 thoughts on “Easter Cruise

  1. I knew the holding is good in Home Bay, but I didn’t realise it was that good. I imagine with your skills, Alan, you’ll be able to cash up the anchor and chain completely and buy yourself a decent GPS.


  2. If you haven’t touched the bottom you haven’t done much interesting cruising, Navionics on phone or Pad is the most reliable for North East NZ.


  3. Alan, welcome to the “Stuck in the Mud Club”. This is an illustrious, albeit perhaps secretive group of boaties who at least admit to being over zelous in their callibration of Echo Sounder, and or Lead Line. I also joined this illustrious group during a cruise up the Puka Puka.


  4. I confess that, in 50 years, I’ve put three different boats on the sand at Scott’s Landing over tides. That surely takes the biscuit for lunacy? Useful for a scrub though.


  5. I like the small print at the bottom of the screenshot: Not to be used for navigation..! As if!


  6. Now you should know better than that!!! — However 10 brownie points for owning up. — Never actually hit anything in my own 68 years of boating, but am not sure whether or not I would have had the courage to own up, unless I knew I was spotted. — Good on yer mate for looking us all in the face (& of course getting in first) — stout lad!!! — KEN R


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