Golandrina was designed & built by Allan Orams, of Whangarei & launched in 1964. She is 36′ & kauri cavel planked. She was re-powered by a Ivecco 90hp in 2006. From the photos she appears to be a tidy ship. Can anyone supply any more details.

7 thoughts on “Golandrina

    Where did Pauline find you….?
    : )

    I made a muck of writeing the words out. Then I asked Alan to make a correction and it became a little worse but you gals out there should do a google search as the words are lovely.



    To far off lands, the swallow now is speeding
    For warmer climates and sun – drenched foreign shore
    While cooler breezes tell of summer fading
    My heart with you into the heavens will soar

    Among those shores are all that I care or live for
    My home my loved ones, waiting for my return
    Then glide downwards as you see from above
    A sea swept isle from which we had to part
    To far off lands, the swallow now is speeding…
    Each winter long console me in my dreaming
    And you fond swallow on your gleaming wings
    Will speed as I would wish I could go speeding
    Straight to their hearts, and with you my love bring.

    😉 Nice one Harold


  3. Lovely name. LA GOLONDRINA (not GolAndrina) is Spanish for “swallow” and a Mexican song of great lyrical qualities.


  4. I absolutely agree with Don Mac, & I recognise the boat but not the name — am almost certain she has had a rename. — KEN RICKETTS


  5. Gee she looks like an extended Banshee, by Allan Williams. Did Alan Oram design and build her or did he use Allan Williams drawings to build her. They look very similar to me


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