photo ex Peter Loughlin

Peter L sent in this b/w photo of the 1927 Colin Wild Tasman pictured above. Anyone able to ID / date the launches behind her?

And now some eye-candy, a photo I took of Tasman in Sullivans Bay, Mahurangi.

08-02-2021 UPDATE – Photos below ex Nathan Herbert of Tasman at Whakatakataka Bay (OBC) late Jan 2021. Looking very sharp under new ownership.

16 thoughts on “Tasman

  1. Comments & photos from James Dreyer

    Got to be Lady Thelma – The name board, sheer belting, rub rail, port spacing, whats left of the tram top windows.
    The thing on the hull forward could definitely have disappeared when she was modernised in the 40s.


  2. A very sage comment from Neil Chalmers : “I don’t think Jack Brooke – with an ‘e’ (1907-1992) would be out with the Spencers’ on Tasman wearing just a singlet , also the grey hair at such a young age doesn’t seem right !!!”
    Thank you Neil 🙂 AH


  3. Have a look at the March 10 post for Winsome II. The photo of the 1926 Auckland Regatta looks very much the same. Sea state, background, same launches. If this was 1926 then Tasman was was launched before 1927.


  4. The boat who’s bow is ahead of the rest has a name and nav light board on the forward end of the tram top that reads “Lady *******” when you enlarge the picture.


  5. That’s Aumoe lurking just in front of Crusader…
    I think this image might be on the same day as the image on this site titled : I wonder were they are all heading?


  6. Yes, that is Crusader out the back. I was on her about 6 months ago down in Whangamata, nice bloke that owns her showed me around. She is mobile but needs some love. He seems keen for a project and loves boats from this era.


  7. Yep, I agree with Crusader as the distant bridgedecker. Never saw her with the wheelhouse bright finished -looks good. Cast your eyes off into the distance and you will see the Navy tanker RFA Nucula alongside the Navy wharves. She was knackered in April 1947. Over on the training wharf that may be one of the Flower Class sloops either HMS Veronica or Laburnum judging by the funnels and rake of the masts. Don’t think it is Dunedin or Diomede -their funnels were closer together. They were all here 1924 – 35. Can’t see Philomel who would have been on that wharf until ’46. So it is pre ’35???


  8. Am almost certain the very back bridgedecker is CRUSADER, & the second to back with the low profile & tram top I think is NGAIO.
    Also looks very like Jack Brook standing on the stern of TASMAN bending down away from the camera, & he was a tall slim man with grey hair when I knew him, & it looks exactly his build as best one can tell — KEN RICKETTS


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