photo & details from Karen Moren

Karen is the grand daughter of Mac McGeady & is attempting to track down / record as many of the the McGeady / Supreme Craft boats as she can. All she knows about Sceptre is that she was 36′ & built for a Mr. Stuart Dalton in the Archers Road factory off Wairau Road, Takapuna. Possibly c.1965.

Does anyone have any more info on her ?

29-10-2016 Photo added – is the photo above & below the same boat ? I took the photo during the Launch Parade at the 2016 Mahurangi Regatta.


4 thoughts on “Sceptre

  1. Karen, sorry, I can’t find it. She’s probably amongst the many boats moored along the riverbank in a group image but I can’t isolate her. At best, I did record her there in 2010.


  2. Karen & I work together on the “McGeady History” as much as we can, also Ben Hipkin, who bought Supreme Craft off McG. & who designed & built SCEPTRE & have just been talking to Ben on the phone, in Australia, & he tells me SCEPTRE had a 120 Hp Ford Turbo Diesel when built, placed passing through the bulkhead, between the main cabin & cockpit, similar to NIKA SIA, that he also built, & it was vee driven with a 2 to one reduction in the Vee drive.
    He said she could perhaps have some underwater similarities to Tonty Masons rounds chine Clippers, & would be capable of planing, with sufficient power, he felt.
    She was built of single skin Kauri with Mangeau – ( unsure of exact spelling) – ribs had mahogany coamings & slept 6.
    The log she was cut from came from Puhoi area — KEN RICKETTS


  3. Stuart Dalton owned her in 1969 when he was Vice-President of the Coastguard Service and was involved in a rescue or two. He still owned her in 1973 when he lived at 250 Kepa Road.
    I photographed her on the Clevedon River in 2010.


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