CYA Launch Cruise to Riverhead Hotel

Photos below ex Suzie Wang (Manapouri)


CYA Launch Cruise to Riverhead Hotel

Yesterdays cruise up the upper reaches of the Waitemata Harbour to the waterside Riverhead Hotel was just one of those days – great weather, cool boats & nice people.
David Cooke (Trinidad) & my wife Robyn several weeks ago came up with the idea of splitting the trip into two & having a raft-up for pre-lunch drinks. Now that might not seem like rocket science but the launch group do not normally raft-up, what happens in a bay is everyone wants to secure a good spot to anchor & the boats get spread out across the bay. Todays raft-up was a winner & the vote was “lets do this again”.

With the new extensions to the hotel, the venue has just got even better & with our own area, the afternoon was very relaxed.

Great to catch up with those that made the trip by car & extra cool to see Ian Gavin with a smile on his face, a burger in one hand & a beer in the other – proof that that the big C doesn’t always win 🙂

Special thanks to Michelle Khan & Tony Stevenson for piloting the NZ Yachting Trusts big tender, Whistleblower, that provide a safe & dry transfers from the boats to the hotel wharf.

9 thoughts on “CYA Launch Cruise to Riverhead Hotel

  1. You might be surprised by the statistics on that one, there are some old launches and young folk lurking…


  2. I signed joined today….still think I should be eligible for a youth membership though 🙂 Maybe I’ll settle for youngest owner/oldest launch award at the Christmas party :-/


  3. After our second run up to Riverhead, can heartily recommend the Lucas Creek get together, very popular with all crews. Do we get the award for furthest travelled / smallest craft? We need some more Seacraft – Dave Marks – or Roy Parris small Woodies its a perfect run for them.


  4. Could we have the names of the boats in the pics please — whilst I for one, know most of them, there are 1 or 2 i would like to put a name to myself, & I’m sure there are many other readers that are in the “SAME BOAT”!!!!????– KEN R


  5. A great day was had by all aboard the Lady Margaret. Meeting new people, boats and catching up with a few friends from the past. Perfect weather and a great venue really made the day. Thank you to all involved in organising such a fun day!


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