Cruising Race To Kawau


(photo ex Nathan Herbert ex Paperpast)

Back in the ‘good-old-days’ there are some very fast motor launches out there & in the last few years several of them have either been restored or are currently in restoration. CYA launch owner Nathan Herbert is one of the owners of a potential zoom zoomer (Lucinda) & has a plan to re-create the above race in a year or two. So gentleman start saving your pennies – it will turn into a drag race 🙂 I’m pretty sure I know who the winner will be, but strange things can happen at sea 😉

In the March 1933 race, pictured above, My Girl now owned by Jason Prew, was the winner. Thats her (white hull) in the middle of the fleet, post start. The skipper on the yacht (B4) must be bricking himself thinking what the _ _ _ _  am I doing in the middle of this 🙂

Todays fleet could include My Girl, Viveen, the Lady Margaret’s, Tasman, Romance II, Falcon, Lucinda, Aumoe, Wirihana & Lady Gay. What old girls that could get up off their backside & dance have I left off?

As you read this I’ll be on-route to the Lake Rotoiti Classic & Wooden Boat Parade, so fingers crossed for good weather.

23 thoughts on “Cruising Race To Kawau

  1. Fast boats of days gone by, you have left off could include, SUNRAY, John Andrew’s CAPRICE, Tracey Nelson’s BABS, — (have never heard anything about her on woodys), PAIKEA, NGAIO, NANA, MISS HELEN — (recently anyway), LITTLE TASMAN, to name a few. — KEN R


  2. No, they are quite distinct launches. CRUSADER was built by Collings & Bell for Rev Jasper Calder and Charlie Goldsboro as CRUSADER in September/October 1929 while CHRYSLER was built some months before. For some reason she was fitted out at Lanes in Mechanics Bay.


  3. We are sure Marguerite will be a starter. She is currently finishing a complete paint strip down and repaint with Mr and Mrs Phyl and Mitch Pasco in Whitianga and is due for relaunch on Tuesday next. We gave her a 95th Birthday down here complete with tea and cakes and the media. Photos coming soon.
    According to the Auckland Star on 27th January 1920, she was launched for regatta on 29th January 1920. We have restored her as much as possible back to original without removing the bridge and galley area changes which were done some time about 1930.
    We took every inch of paint off her and It was like seeing you new bride with no clothes on for the first time and she looked great. She looks even better now after 12 coats of paint including three of spray the hull, topsides the lot.
    Jan and Murray Willis


  4. Great photo.
    Also liking the drag race idea rather than this log race business.
    Would used-imports be eligible for such a race, or would it be agathis-australis construction only? 😉


  5. Harold
    Good idea re the cup – as you know the trophy was presented to commemorate the centennial of the running of the original Rudder Cup race, its not tied to the Patio Bay race so can be allocated to another race. AH

    ps Rorgual has been retired to stud


  6. The photo is 1930 not 1933.
    B4 is WINDWARD.
    CHRYSLER became MOERANGI later in 1930, then got a bridgedeck and became LADY THELMA when S. Waters of Atwaters Ltd bought her in late 1932. Built by Collings & Bell for the Todds, she naturally had a Chrysler 6, which was replaced with another Chrysler in 1951.
    Why doesn’t the CYA allocate the trophy Pauline and I gave for the now defunct Patio Bay race for this event?
    That would give it a kick, and I think we could live with the embarrassment of winning it (so long as FALCON and NARWHAL stay away).


  7. I think Alan is suggesting that any of the Lady Margaret’s could be competitive if entered in a modern day re-run Ken. I’d be keen for a drag race, just enough elapsed time to cook a roast on the way up. Nice to see my old girl in action, I didn’t have this photo 🙂


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