Ethel Clare


 Ethel Clare
photos ex Baden Pascoe
Ethel Clare is currently on the hard at Te Atatu, post a wee trip to the bottom. Her subsequent hauling out revealed a ‘few’ bits missing. Lets hope this time she gets the attention she deserves & needs 😉

To read more & see her afloat click these links:

19 thoughts on “Ethel Clare

  1. So easy to at least plumb her up.
    We offered a working berth and free slip way when required. Bob Wylie gave a very reasonable quote to shift her. She would have been away from public scrutiny. The offer still stands if someone wanted to encourage him to follow through.


  2. 4 months later and she is still sitting there racking up yard fees with nothing done apart from someone perhaps having had a pick at the rotten keel with a crowbar.. Repairs/resto MY ASS, she hasn’t even been levelled in her cradle.


  3. I like them a lot, mind you my doorway is more narrow, I will ask dad to make me some haha.

    Visited the boat today, far worse nick than Lucinda or My girl were when we captured them…. wildly worse


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