Ethel Claire


photos from Nathan Herbert

Its not often you come across a launch in this condition that has escaped the hands of the wood butcher.
Ethel Claire is on a pile mooring in the Whau River & crying out for a cockpit cover thence she is sitting a little bow down.

Interested to know about her early days & how she got to be in this state. Would be a brave project but subject to whats been happening with all the rainwater, still do-able.

Sorry for the late post today – post the overnight storm, the Principality of Devonport awoke to no power 😦 The fire was lit & the old kerosene lamp fired up, all good with the males but the females not too happy with a cold shower 🙂 Still out at 12.45pm …….

4 thoughts on “Ethel Claire

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  2. She is a Dick Lang boat built for the Claire family around the early 1920’s.


  3. Oh dear she is a low rider, however the cabin tops still appear correct IE parallel to the water line so she doesn’t seem to have hogged…


  4. Her originality (presumable sans glass sided dodger) was amazing. The cabin doors are pretty cool! A window or two missing in tram top also. There is a shallow square recess in the inner aft cockpit coaming where it almost looks like a builder’s plate has been pilfered.


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