photos & details ex Harold Kidd

The  3 photos above by taken by Tudor Collins in the Bay of Islands c.1955 of the Miami-registered game fisher Maňana III. The images were bought at a flea-market by Sharon Knight who has made them available via Harold for all of ww followers to relish.
Harold had no idea that this boat ever came out here to fish, but here is the proof. She appears to have been built by Dittmore as the 48 footer Irish Lady and renamed Manaňa III when bought by Capt J. C. Lusk USN (retd) of Annapolis in 1948.
Sadly she was wrecked in Alaska some years ago.

14 thoughts on “MANANA III

  1. Alan said there were a series of them so yes looking forward to seeing them all. George and I both love fishing and have had some fun with some pretty big hook ups in the past on the coast here and crossing the pacific – usually just get them to the surface to see a flash of colour and with one final effort for freedom they are gone. Do come out to the boat yard and see us sometime.
    Laughing lady is in the workshop here she has come from San Diego a Luders design, so you shall see where my silly sense of fun has stemed from. I mean no harm.


  2. well I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos that Harold has been given, not sure there is a page for just Marlin pictures – a nice bit of history for the $2.00 investment it cost me for the photos nonetheless 🙂


  3. Sorry Sharon I mean no disrespect and I do hope you are hunting out some more photos, it’s just those jolly out-rigger poles bug me with their network of spring stays and cross trees reinforcing the principal stays and their cross trees also and so on and so forth..


  4. Thank you Harold after sitting on these photos for 15 years I am rapt to see them preserved and to find out their history along the way.


  5. FABULOUS!! — FASCSINATING — REALLY BEAUTIFUL & a wonderfully kept secret until now. — Ken Ricketts


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