Jack Brooke Collection #7 – RNZYS Centennial

Jack Brooke Collection #7 – RNZYS Centennial 1871 – 1971

waitematawoodys again thanks Robert Brooke for making the remarkable drawings done by his father, Jack Brooke, available to ww followers. Jack produced a hand drawing on each cruise, this one was done to record the RNZYS Centennial celebrations in 1971. Today’s post is the seventh of several – enjoy.

Blow up / enlarge the drawing to view all the historic events recorded – One Ton Cup win, Woman admitted as members, Charter to wear the Blue Ensign, Charter to wear White Ensign, the list of Distinguished Guests & more. The drawing of Kiariki just illustrates how talented Jack Broke was.

To view Jack Brooke’s other drawings type Jack Brooke in the ww search box.

Heads Up – over the weekend I will be postings a cracker of a read so make sure you check in 🙂

8 thoughts on “Jack Brooke Collection #7 – RNZYS Centennial

  1. All sorts of places, but frequently at the aft end of the cockpit coamings in a launch, facing into the cockpit. That’s why they often disappeared after modifications. Sometimes I’ve seen them on the inside face of the transom.


  2. PS MAPU was built at King’s Drive too, launched on 25th July 1914 in Mechanics Bay and was motored up to Totara North in mid-August 1914.


  3. This is the ‘label’ that Mark is referring to. A ww follower was having a clean out & uncovered a genuine T.M. Lane & Sons builders name plate & approached me if I knew a good home, which I did 🙂


  4. Thomas Major Lane set up at King’s Drive, Mechanics Bay in Auckland in 1905 to build launches, principally, and traded as “T.M. Lane & Sons”. It became a limited liability company by 1911. T.M. Lane died in 1916 and the business was carried on by his son Major William Lane, his brother Ernie Lane having set up in Picton in 1907.The business name was changed to Lane Motor Boat Company by 1924. That’s as brief as I can be.


  5. HI Alan

    Thanks for the label

    I presume the label come from very early in the history of the lanes in auckland. The ship building firm in totara north was “lane and brown..” not sure whenif or when It became TM lane and sons and the company was “lane and sons” when they were timber millers and presumable became that when TM retired or died…

    The launch building in Auckland I thought was the “lane motor boat company” but this label suggests there was an earlier name/company in Auckland. I certainly know TM was into building fast boats and I had always presumed they were built in the lane motor boat company (including mapu) but maybe an earlier company exemplified by this name was where they were built!

    Maybe baden Pascoe knows..

    Anyway many thanks



  6. That’s a blast from the past. I remember being tongue-tied in the presence of Olin Stephens at the Squaddy in 1971, wanting to pinch him to see if he was real.


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