Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #6 – Matanui 1966

Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #6 – Matanui 1966

waitematawoodys would again like to thank Robert Brooke for making the remarkable cruise drawings done by his father, Jack Brooke, available to ww followers. Jack produced a hand drawing on each cruise. Today’s post is the sixth of several – enjoy.

The above drawing records the travels of Matanui during a ‘boys’ weekend fishing trip in 1966 to the Needles. They departed Friday morning & returned early Sunday morning. Check out their course on the chart & the times recorded – given the distance & time, I’m surprised they caught any fish. The haul was 23 hapukau, a lot of snapper, a few sharks & a cod or two. From the illustration of ‘El Capitano’, Jack can’t have had much luck with the fishing rod 🙂

The crew was made up of Jack Brooke, Joe Kissin, John Ellis, Ralph Scott & Gordon Bliss. Most of this crew did the same trip 11 years earlier (1955) – type Jack Brooke in the ww search box to view the previous cruise drawings.

2 thoughts on “Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #6 – Matanui 1966

  1. Can anyone tell us the history of name changes for Watchman’s Island (Channel Island)? I really do enjoy the Jack Brooke maps – thank you and his family for sharing them with us.


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