Mansion House Bay c1947

photo ex Ken Ricketts ex Allan/Coggan family

From left to right we have Tiromoana, Awarua & most likely Movarie. All 3 have been on ww before so use the search box to see more on each launch.

Not wanting to get start a lengthy debate, but in a discussion with Russell Ward the other day he commented how a varnished wheelhouse isn’t as obtrusive as a white painted one, he is right (he normally is), they just look so much better & show off the designers lines. I understand the pro’s & cons, I myself have a painted lady, but with some of the advances in bright finishes on the market these days, hopefully we will see more of the ‘as built’ 😉

4 thoughts on “Mansion House Bay c1947

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  2. Check out Tiromoana’s bikini deck. In this pic you will see it ihas quite a camber to get headroom below. At some stage in the last 40 years or so, it was raised to give less camber and now looks, to my eye, a little more boxy and less delicate than the original. Still, she is a lot more liveable below, I guess. Also note that the builder was daring enough to kick the top of the aft dodger up. If you look at some bridgedeckers, (one of my real loves in particular) it droops and spoils the effect IMHO. Look at the subtle curve in Awarua’s cabin top. Fred was good at sheers -his boats often seem to dance on the water. Look at Kawau Isle at the museum sometime. She is sooo good -just a commercial boat but very pretty.


  3. The photo was taken when AWARUA was almost new, & I’ve never seen a better pic of her. I think she looks incredibly stunning in every way, lines, style condition, the beautiful flared bow, the perfect shear, tumble home, etc., & it also brings back many memories, of playing Monopoly right around the time that pic was taken, on board her with John, Jeff, & Maelo Cooper, original owner Ted Cooper’s 3 lovely children, when we were all between 11 & 15.
    I was absolutely thrilled when I was sent it by the Allen/Coggan family, & just had to share it with you all. “Vintage Steamer” glad you agree with my judgement on MOVARIE, it just had to be her, as far as I’m concerned — KEN RICKETTS


  4. Yep, spot on with that. That is Movarie bringing up the rear -back in the days when she had varnished upperworks. However, just look at the symphony of sheers in Tiro and Awarua. Just gorgeous.
    I was having a long discussion yesterday with a fellow aesthete and opined that boat design largely falls into two camps: Dainty and Brutal. So Wild, Couldrey and Lidgard could certainly get some dainty ships. Contrast with McGeady and maybe Steadman and Alex Collings who tended to the brutal. The latter was doing commercial boats and maybe the demands were different. No hang on a minute -look at all those lovely local fishing boats we used to have that had an air of daintiness also -Aorangi, Ikatere Melodeon for example. I have to say that Movarie (Lowe) was dainty in the hull but the modifications to her wheelhouse after it was lowered when she was hastily converted from workboat to launch pre war had an air of the brutal.


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