thanks to CYA members Jason Prew for the colour photos & Nathan Herbert for the b/w (Papers Past)

Nana was designed by C. Bailey Jun. &  built by C. Bailey & Sons for Mr F Alison of Matiatia, Waiheke Island in1934 & launched in late November / December. She is 35′ with a 8′ beam & a 3′ draft. A day cruiser, all her controls were in the raised top amidships.
When launched she was fitted with a 100hp Redwing engine & expected to reach a rather speedy 17 knots. The photo above was taken on her sea trails, early Dec 1934.
Alison had her built for trips to town (Auckland City) & for taking friends out to the fishing grounds in the gulf.
As an aside, Alison sold his 35′ cruiser Makora, built to order 20 years early by C. Bailey to Mr Jas. Gordon of Awaroa Bay, Waiheke.

Nana’ was hit whilst moored in a recent storm. She took on an undetermined quantity of water which partially flooded the Ford diesel 125hp engine which has now seized.
To quote the trademe listing the vessel has suffered reasonably extensive structural damage around the deck line, stern and aft cabin top & is currently leaking badly.
‘Nana’ is for sale ‘as is, where is’ on behalf of insurers at Orams Marine hard stand, Westhaven.
Now I’m not a boatbuilder but from the photos & feedback from those that have seen her the damage doesn’t look at all terminal.
This launch needs to be saved from the chainsaw & could be purchased for not a lot of money. The trademe auction closed yesterday, there was no reserve & the opening bid was set at $1,000, there were no bids.  So Woodys – anyone looking for a project ? Remember as well as being a looker she was quick. I don’t normally put trademe links up but Nana needs a helping hand.


11 thoughts on “Nana

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  3. The old pics just serve to remind us how good they can look if kept largely original, and of course with lightweight modern diesels available we can easily replicate the early performance without over stressing the hulls, in fact when they hauled her and drained her I imagined how she would go with a 4LH Yanmar in her, as the rest of her is not too bad and well worth saving.


  4. Hi Alan.
    She will be sealed up good enough today and then towed to Te Atatu for rebuild Monday or early this week. It is one of your members that has bought it but I will leave that for him to let you know.


  5. True, but the present coamings style, & higher tram (or bus) top, & with the totally different bridgedeck form of a later era, — & to please Harold, — no vanish any more, — which she now sports, is perhaps like a lady who grows or cuts really short, her hair, & changes it’s colour substantially, still the same lady but she can look dramatically different. — KEN R


  6. I would argue that she is more close to original than 70% of classics in that she still has a bridge where the bridge was, and a lower saloon top where the original had been. The hull is unadulterated…. there have been bigger projects than Nana carried out successfully .


  7. Sadly the NANA od today, is not even recognisable from the beautiful & pristine NANA, that I remember so well, moored on the left hand side of Matiatia, for a number of years, back in 1946-48, & which wrote the post on for this website, in April last year, but hopefully some dedicated marine inclined historian, or magician, will love her, & being her back to he former glory — indeed it would seem she is well worth saving — perhaps they may even paint her royal blue again, as she was in her heyday. KEN RICKETTS


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