Rata was built by Dick Lang in 1926 in St Marys Bay. In todays world she is rather unquie in that her owner is only the 2nd since 1936. Rata has recently completed a lengthly keel up ‘rebuild’.

She is 35′ long with a 3′ draft & powered by a 85hp Lees Ford engine, she cruises at 8knots.

Currently 4 sale on trademe. Hopefully the price of $45k includes a chainsaw to remove the ‘carry handle’ 🙂

Anyone able to provide any more details on Rata?

4 thoughts on “Rata

  1. Rata is presently undergoing a complete strip back of anti fouling. Hull is still looking as good as the day it was built this is being done on the handstand at Coromandel harbour. 15-3-16


  2. 15 years later and her bilge is still dry. A restoration job by Collin that is standing the test of time.


  3. I can vouch for the dry bilges! A beautiful old lady,well cared for by her 2nd owners in Thames.Sadly,Colin recently crossed the bar.


  4. Rata had just been relaunched in Thames in 2001 when we had just brought our launch Sequoia in Thames. The owner had not long completed a 8 year rebuild and she was immaculate. A standard of workmanship to aspire to. She was so well calked that the owner would vacuum out the bilges on a regular basis and not a drop of water to be seen.


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