photos ex Shane Anderson 

My ‘eyes’ at Gulf Harbour marina sent me a few photos of one of my favorite launches, the 1917 Joe Slattery designed & built Pacific, undergoing a wee make over.

Each to their own but I have always liked the mint green topsides on Pacific, well as of yesterday thats all changed. Appears that the topsides have been taken back to bare timber & have been repainted with a wood tone paint, this used to be very common on launches. In fact if you enter Pacific in the ww search box & hit enter, you will see some old movie footage of her when she had this finish before. Photo add also from the mid 1980’s ex Nathan Herbert.

Will be very interested to see the finished job, in the flesh.

20-01-2016 Pacific hauled out at Gulf Harbour for some maintenance (photo ex Ken Ricketts)

08-02-2016 Ready for re-launching (photos ex Ken Ricketts)

10-09-2018 Update

Pacific is now in the ownership of Nathan Herbert & getting a major dose of TLC.

The photo below shows a change to her appearance – as you will see from the above gallery, she has sported several looks. The new ‘white on white’ makes her look a lot bigger.



13 thoughts on “Pacific

  1. I remember the KOTANUI & her Listers well too — The only plesure craft I can recall with 2 of them, that I ever knew of, , & I was most impressed when I was young, & she was new, because of this unique engine concept. –KEN R


  2. She still has the gold leaf name, and the distinctive exhaust is still side exit at the waterline


  3. Yep the video I posted on here was when she had her new Lister fitted. I actually slowed the frame rate down as it looked too fast, but gran assures me that when she took the film the speed was high! My Grandpa Jack had the same listers fitted to Kotanui too.


  4. Have just looked at the fab. old movie, & you can see the gold leaf around the portholes in all its delightful splendour — exactly how I remember her, — it is so gratifying to see my memory has not deserted me, — ( not compltely anyway). – The Twigg, as above, was of course a petrol engine with side exhaust right up the forward end, slightly forward of the bridgdeck.


  5. I think she looks absolutely fabulous & almost exactly as I remember her when I first saw her in 1946, except that she had gold leaf around the portholes at that time, & I think the name was also in gold leaf across the tuck on a curved board. She was powered by a 3 or 4 cyl Twigg then. — KEN RICKETTS


  6. OOPs the NZ Herald says the man (elderly) fell off the stern of the PACIFIC. Anyway, the onlookers thought the girl was jolly brave and cheered her.


  7. Well Everard J Hobbs had made up his mind by 5th November 1918 when a girl on PACIFIC jumped into the water and rescued a man who had fallen from the wharf near the launch steps, to cheers from the onlookers….a great aunt perhaps?


  8. I love the new colour, can’t wait to see finished.

    My grandmother tells me that the boat. ad no name for a time, until my gt gt grandfather was coming into the wharf at auckland an official required a name fast so EJ looked out to sea and said ‘Pacific’.


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