Lady Margaret (Colin Wild)


She is back in Auckland after quite a few years in the far north. They are numerous posting on her on waitematawoodies, just enter her name in the search panel. But a quick overview – 1927, Colin Wild bridge-decker, 42′, one of THE launches in her day with a wonderful provenance.

Very very pretty, then aren’t all Colin Wild boats 🙂

Will be interesting to see if the Col Wild stable is enough to justify the asking price with potential buyers. Talk around the docks is that she sold for a LOT less last time she was on the market & the term used in the listing to describe the recent work is ‘ a make-over’ so best to view her as a wonderful classic that you could go boating in tomorrow but she is very ‘traditional’ in terms of motor, layout, fittings & finish so at some stage to return her to her best you will have to be visiting the bank manager. She will not sell for the asking price but launches with her provenance & looks do not come on the market often. Take a look at the ‘at sea’ photos – a fine looking vessel.

I will be interested to see how she fares in the current classic wooden boat market. The Logan (do not get much better breeding than that) launch Ngaio recently sold for sub $40,000 & was in similar condition, excluding the fresh paint.

More details here.

Lady M out on the hard at Gulf Harbour, with her new owner giving her a tickle, Ken R took the photo 22/03/14.


A couple from the new owner

02/07/2014 – Launch date photo below at Colin Wild’s Stanley Bay yard. According to Papers Past the date was 9 Oct 1928, else were on this post we have her as launched in 1927?

I was mooching around Westhaven this afternoon, 17/08/2014 & spied LM on her new berth.

Updated Photo – 15/01/2015

Update 19-02-2020 – photo below of LM c.1962. taken at Okahu Bay
Lady Margaret

12 thoughts on “Lady Margaret (Colin Wild)

  1. I have written at considerdable length, in respect of this most beautiful of boats, all of which, has come straight from my heart, with love, for a piece of timeless beauty, that could have been lost to us all, & strongly repudiate any suggestion, that I at least, have written anything, to be a part of any sales promo. I & no one else in my family has slightest interest in this boat from a sales perspective, exept that like many others, I would like to see her go to a loving home & get the full restoration she so richly deserves. I made a point of seeing her as regularly as possible, & followed her decline for 20 years at Mangonui, before I wrote anything about her — KEN RICKETTS


  2. Mori, I take your point but, in this case, the “hyperbole”, shall I say, was over the top and the historical accuracy, as you have noted yourself, patently haphazard. It would have been more honest If it had been made obvious from the start that it was going to be a sales pitch rather than a genuine history of the launch for which I was sucked into supplying material. The material was then bowdlerised to suit the vendors’ agenda. Hence the angst.


  3. An interesting comment Harold.

    May I offer an alternative view. In some ways, hawking the boat’s attributes and history on Waitamatawoodies, CYNZ. etc prior to it being offered for sale can be a very positive thing. The more people in these forums that know about the boat, the more likely that it will find a good and sympathetic home. It only takes one unsuitable owner for a classic to fall into disrepair, become terribly remodelled or even be lost. Something of the original is lost after each such episode, even if it is subsequently restored. So the efforts of yourself and other correspondents are far from wasted, and are very much appreciated.

    Regarding the build date of the Lady Margaret, newspaper reports indicate she was still building in August 1928 and was operational in November 1928. So the date of build 1927 attributed in the advertisement and also this forum appears to be in error


  4. So all that silly blah we’ve been subjected to on this boat on this site and on the CYA site was just a cynical build up for her resale after all? Mental note not to get sucked into such mechanisms in the future!


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