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  1. \\went to Te Kopru This weekend and surprize surprize Nor West has been dug out of the mud and sitting on the slipway at Te Kopru . Cong rations and well done someone.


  2. Sorry Allan
    I didn’t let you down, I did go down and took photos of Nor West and Wade Jackson, Prop Central Hotel Dargaville. was going to post them for me tomorrow, But Dave Stanaway has beaten me to the Gun and done it well, Good pictures he has captured the old girl well.


  3. There is a wreck lying in the mud at the end of Wilson Rd Te kopru bearing the name Nor West She is full of mud a and past it at a guess I would say around 40 ft stern bears a resemblance to the photo Alick (Buck) Taylor ex RNZAF marine section.


  4. This was my fathers boat from mid 70’s to early 80’s. He bought her as a wreck some where in Kaipara, and some how got her down to Clevedon. He completely renovated her, and she was then moved to East Tamaki. We used her around the Hauraki Gulf, and trips over to the barrier, often being called in when other boats broke down, to tow them back to harbour. I was about 10 at the time, but could navigate anywhere in the Gulf. I have no idea what happened to her after Dad sold her. I am so thrilled to see this picture of her.


  5. The Norwest was built in Whakapirau in 1909 by Arthur Forester. She was named the Kuaka, the Maori name for Curlew, and had “Kuaka” written on her port side and “Curlew” on her starboard side. She was built for a Mr Adams who had a pear orchard just down the harbour from Whakapirau on what is now the Cullen farm. She was designed so that Mr Adams crippled daughter could wheel her wheelchair around the deck, and was used for transporting fruit to Helensville for the markets. She was powered by a Union Standard single cylinder ‘Make and Brake’ motor and had a swinging cradle for 6 wet cell batteries. This motor is now in the private collection of Darcy Sterling at Maungataroto.
    After lying idle for some years the Kuaka was sold to Mr Cliff of Paparoa in 1919. Mr Cliff took her to Pahi and re-corked and painted her and added a new piece to the stern post which was suffering from dry rot. he used her for taking picnic parties down the harbour and moored her when not in use up the Paparoa Creek behind what is now the Paparoa Pub. There was a huge flood in Paparoa in 1923 and the Kuaka was picked up by the flood, carried over the bridge and placed in a paddock on the other side with no damage to her at all. When Mr Cliff passed away in 1924 his sons sold her to a Dr Marshall, from, I believe up Port Albert way who in turn sold her to Mr West who owned West’s Timber Mill in Helensville. It was at this time that she was renamed the ‘Norwest’ after Nora West, Mr Wests wife. She was used for about the next 20 years up until 1945 towing logs all over the Kaipara Harbour, and then in about 1945 Harold Stanaway bought her, followed by Dink Jolly, and then Everard Judd bought her for $250.00 for towing barges. By this time she was in a terrible state so he employed Rodney Morgan, a boat builder to more or less rebuild the hull and cabin.

    Everard Judd sold her to Murray Prictor of Port Albert in the late 60’s who is turn sold her soon after to somebody on the East Coast and the history is pretty vague after leaving the West Coast. We do know that some time was spent up the Clevedon Creek and we also know that she has been used as a fishing boat on that coast.
    She was brought back to the Kaipara by Stafford and Rosemary Hill.
    Unsure who currently owns her.


  6. Yep the same boat (well remains of a boat), all info I have on her was in the email I sent you


  7. Nice towing launch shot Zach. Is that the hull I asked you about moored in the mangroves at Aratapu? Do you know who built her and the list of engines she had over the years? Do you know of any Rope Bros built boats? Brice passed away last month, he was in his 90’s.


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