Todays woody – Katipo, is a real mystery, the ‘photo’ above of her popped up on the Old Signs & Advertising fb. Featured was a full page advertisement (refer below) dated Nov 1951 for a company named – Clyde Engineering, head office Wellinton, NZ. They were the agents for the Petter Marine engines.

The ad featured the launch – Katipo, owned by Henry Cotton. Included was the following details – 26’ x 8’6” x 2’ 6” , powered by a 10 B.H.P. Petter marine diesel that gave her a speed of 7 1/2 knots.

What more do we know about Katipo

3 thoughts on “Katipo

  1. Steve Thomas (SeaBird) can tell the story. It was in his family for about 40 years and now is in Picton under different ownership.


  2. Henry and Anne Cotton lived at Torrent Bay in Tasman Bay (Abel Tasman National Park). They had a boat called Katipo.
    I believe it is their boat, but some other later locals do not remember it, so this could be incorrect.


  3. We must remember that that Petter would be rated on the RAC rating, & on the SAE rating, which was normally used from about the1960s onwards, for most engines that would seem to me, to be about 40HP. –KEN R


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