Waitematawoodys Burgee – Good Idea > Bad Idea


I was chatting to John Dawson last week and he asked why so few boats flew pennants / burgees these days. Back in the good old days, no matter what size your vessel you ‘ dressed it’. As proof Bruce emailed me the above photo of the launch – Raurangi., built c.1915 by Deeming in the Bay of Islands.

20-01-2023 Harold Kidd Input – RAURANGI, Deemings, Opua, December 1912.

In the above photo there is a not insignificant amount of canvas flapping around. Looks great – 2023 could be the year we produce a WW burgee, watch this space………..

Here’s an idea – Do a poll – would you fly a waitematawoodys burgee if there was one? 

3 thoughts on “Waitematawoodys Burgee – Good Idea > Bad Idea

  1. Outboard Boating Club on Tamaki Drv still runs pennants and are popular with club memebers


  2. W W Burgee. Hell yes ! Bring it on. Do you need help to organize it ? Probably not. I know you’re more than capable but offering anyway.


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