The photo above of the launch – Tamure comes to us via Mitchell Hutchings family boating album. The photo was tagged 30-01-1978, and that woodys is all we know about her. Safe to assume its ex Navy, but I’m often wrong.

Do we know more about her and what became of Tamure?

Hopefully lots of boating photos tomorrow from my Labour weekend sortie in / a around Kawau Island.

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4 thoughts on “Tamure

  1. HDML Tamure was removed from under the greenheithe bridge where she sat on a mooring for over a decade. She was haulled out at Kopu . And on the hard sold to new owners.


  2. Yes, a 72Ft ML, built in Canada, twin Fodens in the 60s. After cabin access, bridge, wheelhouse and tender davit all in the right place. Stern quarter altered? Crewed on P3536 for 8 years – narrow bitch! surfed and broached in swells over 5m – lots of fun!


  3. Tamure was owned in a partnership when I met the owners over 30 years ago,three owners one of them an electrician


  4. Tamure, ex Navy P3555 ?, used to be above the Greenhithe bridge, think it ended up for sale in Thames, looking very sad ?


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