Mystery Bay of Islands Woodys + Heritage Basin

Mystery Bay of Islands Woodys

The above photo dated 1939 and tagged – Russell, comes to us from Lew Redwoods fb.

Can we ID any of the vessels ?

Short story today, as the message below needs some air time – the dullards driving this project appear to have tunnel vision and be deaf. Maybe the mainstream media need to know what is happening down at OUR waterfront.

4 thoughts on “Mystery Bay of Islands Woodys + Heritage Basin

  1. It’s actually Mervyn Arlidge’s “Alma G II” (originally and now once again back to being Zane Grey) before older brother Francis (Arlidge) raised and flared the bow like he did with (his) “Alma G”.

    The other vessel to the left (above the cannon), is “Avalon” in Peter Williams ownership, if 1939 is correct, before Les Blomfeild bought and ran her after his own game boat “Valhalla” caught fire and was lost sometime in the 40’s.

    The small single mast boat looks like Captain (P.J.) Green’s (available for line fishing) “Ayr”, – but then, she was usually moored in front of his house in the bay immediately round from Pompallier House?

    Ray is right with the Fullers original “Knoxie”, and as for “Avalon”, the last I heard of her, correctly or incorrectly, she was flying to bits in the hot sun as a static exhibition outside the IGFA head-quarters in Florida.


  2. Great picture-the large yacht is of course Nahlin favoured by british royalty on a world cruise, and latterly owned by James Dyson revisited here about 6 years ago. In the foreground we have Alma G.


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