Back in April 2021 Dean Wright sent me the above photo of Anne-Marie, somehow it slipped into the ‘bottom draw’ of the WW hard drive, so today she gets her day in the sun. The photograph was taken at Tutukaka Marina.

Can anyone tell us more about this ex work boat and when she was converted to pleasure use?

21-03-2022 Input from Phil Vining –  In the comments section Simon
Manning commented that he thought Anna Marie was the old “Lady Fisher” that was one
of the original Outward Bound work boats before being upgraded to a pleasure
launch. That is my memory as well. There was a question as to who built her.
I visited the Vinings Office and they had a old listing in their files, refer below.


……………. First Tuesday of the Month today = another Classic Yacht Association committee meeting, no doubt the Heritage Basin marina bigots will table another mock report on the efforts to negotiate with the Auckland Council controlled Panuku Developments to ensure all CYA vessel owners get access to the new >40 berth marina, at approx. $100 a month berth rental, for a minimum term of 3 years.

5 thoughts on “Anne-Marie

  1. The mechanics of the Heritage Berth discussion dont affect me, till I retire my moneypit is sitting on a trailer … BUT … a ratepaying vessel viewer I believe it would be great if there was a cycling of the craft on display. I thought its meant to be an opportunity to showcase ALL the boating history of the Gulf as a “living museum” not just those lucky few that have friends on the committee and will stay there on display for all time ….. very Ho Hum viewing after the first week like so many rural/specialist museums. Surely if the vessels are cycled on a 6/12 monthly basis the place would be interesting with the display constantly changing showing stick boats, steamers and motor launches, they all plied the harbour! It could provide a fantastic extension to the Marine Museum, everyone loves seeing new things being worked. Hopefully I am uninformed and behind the times and that’s what’s planned.

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  2. Is Anne Marie the former Lady Fisher? Ex Outward Bound support vessel. Looks like her. If so I recall there was a Boating NZ magazine article on her conversion to a cruiser.


  3. With regard to “White Cloud,” she featured in the 1992 NZ drama series “Marlin Bay” set up and around Warkworth.


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