The photo above of the launch – Koanui popped up recently on Lew Redwood’s fb and is tagged ‘Cyclone Bola, 1988. Kohanui in Red Cliffs’ (Great Barrier Island). It might be a bit hard to see in the photo, but she has an anchor down. I bet there was no sleep aboard that night.

FYI – Cyclone Bola created some of the largest rainfall totals for a single storm in the history of NZ. Some locations receiving more than half their annual rainfall totals from the storm.
WW knows nothing more on the launch Koanui, so we would love to hear from anyone that can enlighten us. Only 2 sleeps till the jolly fat man arrives – fingers crossed he found all the hints I left around the house 🙂

UPDATE 28-12-2021 Ant Smit sent in the photo below, showing Koanui berthed at OBC marina in Auckland. Looking very smart.

8 thoughts on “Koanui

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  2. Yes, she’s at OBC and owned by Graeme Wade…I think he’s had her for around 20 years. He’s slowly been doing her up, has a new galley and bridge deck interior is all finished. She may come up fore sale at some stage…would be a great little project. I will keep you posted.


  3. Her name is actually KOANUI, she was the boat that was built by the Meldrum family, at at their property in Orewa in 1948, where they owned a hotel/guest house.
    Recall is she was designed by Colin Wild for them- KEN R


  4. Only 2 sleeps till the jolly fat man arrives –

    Is this a reference to your visit to Waiheke?

    We look forward to seeing you. Tx

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  5. She was berthed at Milford in the mid 70/80s owners were Arthur and Helen Ripley .I think she may have been a Col Wilde and she was powered by a 6cyc BMC. Arthur was a top end builder and put the flybridge on and stern door in plus many other things, and keep in mint condition.He always towed lovely clinker dinghy for the boys.Arthur owned it when that photo was taken if I are right


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