Outboard Boating Club – Way Back


The above photo surfaced on the OBC’s fb page a little while back and didn’t really spark much chat, other than that Paritai Drive was looking very bare – only one house 🙂 , the model of the bus on Tamaki Drive must help with the date – so woodys can we date the photo and possibly ID any of the vessels?

New Flag For My Boat – A little big (7’x4’), but the real McCoy – cotton cloth, everything sewn on, bronze fittings.

10 thoughts on “Outboard Boating Club – Way Back

  1. Restored Woody Launched on Waiheke Island today.

    Hi Alan,

    Leonardo, a Christchurch (?) crayfish boat, was purchased by a Waiheke man, Lance Peterson 2 years ago and shipped to Auckland. In extremely poor condition she underwent extensive repair and was floated on this evenings high tide.

    She has been fitted with a Ford 2 cylinder diesel and fins to enable drying out without added support.

    Lance and his rather appealing vessel live on Waiheke.

    Regards, Grant Edwards, co owner of Phyllis M ex Wainunu ex Phyllis M, currently on the hard at Ostend, Waiheke.

    On Fri, Oct 15, 2021, 00:21 waitematawoodys.com #1 for classic wooden bo


  2. Re Manawai – if this was Colebrook’s launch I had a newspaper photo of her high on a rock close to Rangi beacon c1946.


  3. The ROSALIND had a Redwing petrol engine at the time the image was taken, (painted fire engine red), & the MANAWAI had a 4 cyl Thorneycroft petrol engine with1 overhead valve & 1 side valve painted bottle green. The MANAWAI’S engine was replaced about 1948-49 with a 2 cyl Ruston diesel engine– KEN R


  4. Jeez, Alan. You can’t use a white duster as a table cloth. You will walk the plank, my lad! When you ascend to the peerage in the Squadroon, you can wear it with pride except that it will trail in the wake. Oh and you will get to the top more quickly with a big shiny varnished yot such as we deride as companions for our big shiny varnished motor yots.

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  5. Dear old Betsy. Yep that’s her. I’ve asked about her fate before. She was there when my old man put down a mooring for Millie 2 in 1959 a bit behind the photographer and nearer to the mole that came out south of the rail bridge. Betsy had a single cylinder either Frisco Standard or Shacklock Orion (a Dunedin made copy of the Frisco. She sounded just gorgeous as she ker-plonk ker-plonk ker plonked her way under the rail bridge and up to her mooring. She was a cute hull with a retroussé stern (HDK will have a better name for that). I peered in the scuttles at the engine which dominated the interior -there was a row of Daniel cells (copper anode in a porous pot full of copper sulphate all in a bigger glass jar containing Zinc sulphate or sulphuric acid. Each cell produced 1.1V. (Ah the joys of a trad science course in form 3)
    Photos added below. Alan H


  6. Pre the late 40s Judging by the houses, we know you live in Devonport fearless leader but that does not give you the right to fly the white!

    Congratulations Murray – the flag photo was just bait to get a rise and you took the bait – no intention to fly it – probably destined to be a cool tablecloth 🙂 Alan H


  7. Photo might be somewhat earlier, there is no sign of the Hobson Bay dinghy lockers and a quick search indicates these were built in 1939


  8. The Bus was owned by L J Keys Ltd & like all, or almost all, of their buses, was a 6 cyl., Leyland Tiger — KEN R


  9. The image is of Judges Bay in the foreground, with Wakatakataka Bay, in the background, & was taken between about t946 & 1950 As the ROSALIND, after her bow was raised, & when owned by Mr Brett, of Parnell, (with the little bridgedeck, & what could be a black canvas cover over the cockpit), is in the foreground, with 3rd in a line through from her, to the right, with the tram top, is the MANAWAI, when owned by Claude Atherton, (Heather Lidgards father), & just past her, is BUFFALO BILL, with the tall mast, close to the railway line, then finally is the BETSY, with no mast, also close to the railway line . — First image I’ve seen of her, notwithstanding several people have been enquiring after her, through the years.
    This is the first image I’ve ever seen of that part of Judges Bay, close up, taken in that era, which I knew at that time, so very well, as my father’s JULIANA, is just out of the image & was moored to the left of, & a little further out from the shore, than ROSALIND.
    JULIANA was moored there from 1946 to 1956 & MANAWAI from about 1943. I can’t recall the names of the other little boats, as I never took much interest in them, perhaps someone else can help with those. — KEN R


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