Ave Gitana – Workboat Wednesday

AVE GITANA – Workboat Wednesday

Bay of Islands woody – Dean Wright sent in the photo above of the ex workboat Ave Gitana, he snapped the photo on this phone as he was hauling out Artthusa for some TLC, as if it needs it 🙂 Any of the workboat gang able to enlighten us on her past?

Dean also sent in the photo below of the sport fisher – which he believes is possibly named – Erelyn. You would get fit climbing the stairs ………….. 😉

7 thoughts on “Ave Gitana – Workboat Wednesday

  1. Erelyn was collectively owned many years ago by David Auld, Fred and Bill Gibson and Murray Darroch. Very fond memories of trips with my father on this beautiful launch. Nice to see a photo.


  2. Yes the second photo is of Erelyn. Robert Scott is now the caretaker of her and has been for the last 5 years after taking over from his father John. The vessel has been in the Scott family caretakership for the last 25 years. She had a massive birthday 4 years ago when she was out of the water for 103 weeks. She still runs the Ford Dovers with Bowman heat exchangers. Out now for a bit of a rubdown and painting of the hull. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence but Caters and Opua store were both sold after she went back into the water after that 2 year birthday. I do know that the Pie, Filled rolls and beer sales in the area went down.


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