Today’s woody is a very salty looking workboat that has several features that step her up from the pure work horses that got thrashed around the Hauraki Gulf. Being a looker is probably why she survived and looks so good in the photos.In top photo she appears to be alongside the wharf at Russell in the Bay of Islands.The second photo looks like the eastern side of Marsden Wharf, Auckland and was taken by Dave Balderston c.1980.

The photos come to us from Dave Stanaway and Dave commented that he thinks Wairoa spent time on the Kaipara Harbour.

Can anyone tell us more about Wairoa and hopeful where she is today.

Lock down has seen the paint brushes coming out and my better half emerged from the spare room with a very cool (I think so) painting of Raindance 🙂

12-09-2022 UPDATE ex Sharyn Rogers – photo below Wairoa. When Sharyn’s father, Hugh (Val) Valentine was the fishery officer running her out of Whakapirau.

6 thoughts on “Wairoa

  1. Yes I have a pic of her under way when she was a Fisheries Patrol vessel but don’t know how to post it on here


  2. She used to be on the Kaipara in the ’60’s for use of the fisheries inspector. Fortunately, as she wasn’t that fast, you could get home with your oysters without being caught.


  3. The top photo is Russell wharf.1960`s- 70`s when she was the Russell Fisheries boat ( Marine Dept). Brian Baker was the head Fisheries officer, they also serviced the Cape Brett light house keeper with supplies. As boys we quite often went for a trip on her


  4. Wairoa I’m 95% sure was built by Vos.
    I had a chance of purchasing her many years ago but asking price and offer price never made friends.
    Had a 3L3 gardner a now rare beast.
    She was fishing from Picton.
    Last time I saw any info on her she was owned by a lady who lived aboard and was catching fish to supply live to restaurants.
    A very nice shape and well built boat.


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