Todays photo comes to us from Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection, many thanks Tim Barnett. Can we ID the boat and uncover some of her past – unless she has gone south, in the above configuration she isn’t known to me. Possibly named Ritunha or Rihuria.

UPDATE – correctly ID’ed by Nathan Herbert as Kiriana

And to my fellow Auckland woodys – another week of Level 4 lock-down …………. I try to steer clear of politics on WW but this is too much – open the borders and lets get on with business and life, Covid is here to stay, we just have to live with it.

13 thoughts on “Kiriana

  1. Almost there Alan. Hold on and we will be one of the few with a normal life. its okay your money will not get Covid.


  2. I’m confused. — How come her name is KIRIANA, when the word “TACIT” is so clearly visible on the starboard navigation light board?– Perhaps she was called KIRIANA before or after TACIT, but there is no doubt she was TACIT when this image was taken, & I suggest all who are interested should enlarge the image so it is then so very clearly visible. It enlarges very well — KEN R

    KR – you either need to change your medication or go to Spec Savers – nothing on or near the nav light. The name can be seen in the bottom left of this enlargement.


  3. Our grandparents were asked to go to the other side of the world to fight a war for 5 years that they didn’t start. I wonder what they would have thought of us whinging about being told to sit on the couch for 5 weeks.


  4. Nah Mate! no covid in Hamilton & that’s the way we like it. Suck it up guys for the good of the country.


  5. Yes – steer clear of politics, Alan! But since you ask, if we do as you suggest the hospitals will be overwhelmed and we won’t be able to find a spot for you in ICU when you need it. It would be a shame to have you unable to breathe and dying in a hospital corridor. How would we manage without our daily WW fix?

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  6. I can just make out ,more or less, a word on the side light, that looks like TACIT to me, when enlarged. — KEN R


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