Paihia – Bay of Islands

PAIHIA – Bay of Islands
The above photos graced a tourist postcard, unfortunately no reference to a date. But the collection of moored launches will hopefully spark someones memory.

The presence of the Kelly Tarlton ‘floating’ shipwreck museum – Tui will help.

5 thoughts on “Paihia – Bay of Islands

  1. By the looks- Lady Ngaio (Aroha II- Scandretts), Venture, Iorana, Cherokee, Collings and bell thing which is on Gulf Harbour now, similar to Matira, Haumoana,


  2. The sedan top launch in the first full right hand row of boats in full view on piles with varnished coamings & largish windows in a sedan top is either the MISTRAL or the CHEROKEE which are almost identical sisterships both built by Parris & are 32/34 feet long. The original owner of the CHEROKEE was JW Farrell & she was built in 1958 was 34 feet long, MISTRAL is somewhere around the same age & length.

    Info provided in a comment on a previous woodys post says the CHEROKEE was lengthened, to accommodate a previous owners family, & since the image at Paihia appears as if it could well have had its cockpit extended I tend to think she is the CHEROKEE compared to an image I have of her. KEN R

    Photo added. Alan H


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