Kawau Island 1958 Mystery Launch

Kawau Island 1958 Mystery Launch

Today’s photo comes to us from William (Bill) Brown, and is dated Feb 1958 and was taken on his parents honeymoon cruise, and the location is Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island. I’m pretty sure they were not on this boat, but Bill if you see this story, can you confirm? Bill lives and works overseas. 

The boat looks familiar but I wont try and guess – can we get a positive match? Original (non crop or colour corrected) copy of the photo below.

Yesterdays Lidgard 1/2 models – anyone else have a view, when the knowledge of Dave Jackson is ‘in play’ – we all tend to freeze – the mans seldom wrong 🙂

UPDATE: The launch is Lady Joan, thanks Ken R for the reminder. Sadly no longer a float she was scraped back in 2018 and a few fittings were saved, hopefully to grace another woody. Photos below LJ has appeared on WW before – see and read more here https://waitematawoodys.com/2013/09/29/lady-joan/

2 thoughts on “Kawau Island 1958 Mystery Launch

  1. Hi Alan, You are right, my parents were on a wee Woollacott – by the name of Sarina – a Nada Design. They sailed down to Auckland from Whangarei to order a lounge suite and had a boating honeymoon on the way there and back. As the story goes, dad’s OYC mates did a number on Sarina for his wedding and he spent the first day of wedded bliss up the mast sorting out his halyards. Then while waiting at Woolshed Bay in the Whangarei Harbour, he set a tea towel alight from the meth primus. Mum must have liked boating though as she stuck with him through all of this and the next 60 plus years as well! Cheers Bill


  2. She is the LADY JOAN, taken over by the armed forces during WW II as Z11 & owned by Stan Headland in the 1940S early 50s & has had numerous owners since then with a somewhat checkered history. Also has spent time on the Kaipara Harbour. Also had various engines. There are other posts on ww on her– KEN R


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